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"If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary."

- Jim Rohn

David M. Semas

Born in Carmel, California

Prior residences - Santa Clara & Newport Beach, CA

Presently resides and works in Orange County, CA

Key Personal Traits

  • Highly creative

  • Forward thinking

  • People-oriented

  • Results-focused


Each type of project has unique and specific requirements. To be an effective executive in the

broad range of property types, one must have experience with each – David Semas does:

  • High-Rise Office

  • Suburban Office

  • Hotel, including resort (garden and high-rise), and with special amenities

    • Golf,

    • Spa,

    • Tennis

    • Marina

    • Gaming

  • Retail/Shopping Center

  • Industrial/R&D

  • Multi-family

  • Residential tract

River Tower
Waverly Gardens Apartments WA
Red Lion-Double Tree Hotel SJ
Las Casitas Resort
Canyon Masterplan
K-Mart SC
Tower 17 HR Office  Irvine
Balboa Inn Newport Beach
Anaheim Hilton Hotel
Avalon Harbor
Buffalo Creek Ranch
Sammamish Beach Club WA
One Financial Place Chicago

Representative Property Types


As a senior executive, as well as CEO of his own companies, Semas has dealt with the full range of executive functions in the real estate process:

  • Real estate management

  • Real estate financing

  • Mortgage brokerage

  • Construction lending

  • Mortgage-backed securities

  • Corporate and real estate law

  • Real estate syndication​ & joint ventures




Semas brings together the uncommon skillsets that address ALL aspects of real estate. As a former county planning commissioner, he also sat across the table in the governmental approval process. His background includes:

  • Master planning

  • Entitlements

  • Acquisition

  • Construction lending

  • Mortgage banking and finance

  • Syndication

  • REO disposition

  • Asset management



As his record demonstrates, Semas believes in driving growth and success at each stage in the real estate process from conception, development and implementation, to financing and continuing ownership and operations. He believes in innovative marketing ideas and administration in performance improvement that works. Among his skills and expertise are:

  • Hotel and resort management

  • Marketing strategies

  • Corporate branding

  • Contract negotiation

  • Marketing communications


Anchor 1


  • Capitalized on diversified industry expertise in administering all phases of private equity investment in institutional grade real estate.

  • Responsible for construction lending and real estate owned (REO) departments for Shearson/American Express Development Group.

  • Managed and coordinated the overall operations of various resort hotel properties and golf coursess, including the 640-acre, 500-room Canyon Hotel Golf and Tennis Resort, famous among Hollywood celebrities and the Las Casitas Resort in Avalon, Catalina Island.

  • Administered 72 real estate joint venture developments located throughout the United States with an asset value of more than $1 billion,  including residential tracts, single-family detached homes, hillside estate developments, condominiums, apartment complexes, garden and high-rise office buildings, industrial buildings, shopping centers, hotels, golf resorts, historic restoration projects , boat marinas, and agricultural properties.

  • Directed the overall activities of San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley-based real estate development construction company.

  • Adopted innovative ideas in designing, master planning, zoning, and petitioning for land use entitlement from nine different municipalities for more than 1,000 acres of projects located throughout Santa Clara County, (Slicon Valley) California.

  • Conceptualized the master plan, design, and construction of garden office buildings, townhouse projects, custom homes, and land developments in the greater Santa Clara County area; including the Las Fuentas Office complex, Old Mission Center office building, Stonewood Estates, Berreyesa Hills, Madison Gardens, Pruneridge Center and the Tudor Village townhouse project.




Sierra Dorado, Inc. *Sierra Dorado Advisors", Orange County, CA

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Institutional Capital Marketing and American Realty Advisors, Newport Beach, CA 

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)                                                                                                                                       


Shearson/American Express Mortgage and Development Corporations, Newport Beach, CA

Executive Vice-President                                                                                                                                                                               


SEM Development Company, Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley)

President and Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Earlier Positions Held:

Oliver Rousseau, McKeon Construction, Duc & Elliot, and American Housing Guild, San Francisco Bay Area

Carpenter, Foreman, Superintendent, Construction Manager, VP Operations, President/CEO 

Humble Beginning

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